Newspaper that takes ‘pleasure’ in peace activist’s death, teaching virtue!

Martin Bright the ‘self-confessed Islamophobe’ is the political editor of the paper which published an article, under the headline “This Was No Peace Activist” by Geoffrey Alderman, glorifying the killing of an innocent peace activist Vittorio Arrigon, with the statement:  “Few events – not even the execution of Osama bin Laden – have caused me greater pleasure in recent weeks than news of the death of the Italian so-called ‘peace activist’ Vittorio Arrigoni.”

Bright’s hatred towards the Palestinians is illustrated when he attacks a trustee of London Citizens under the headline “London Citizens stand by Islamist hardliner”, and accuses Junaid Ahmed of supporting ‘Hamas terrorist leaders’.

The [false] premise in his ranting is that ‘Hamas is a proscribed terrorist organisation in the UK.’ This of course is not the case at all. A simple visit to the Home Office website reveals  that Hamas Izz al-Din al-Qassem Brigades’ has been proscribed, and not Hamas the political movement – led by Khaled Mash’al, its political bureau chief, and Ismail Haniyeh the democratically elected Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority.

These individuals have been writing regular articles in the Guardian, and BBC journalists, the Foreign Office and a whole host of people have been quoting and meeting with them regularly – which the ‘self-confessed Islamophobe’ Bright or his propaganda spouting paper, for the terrorist state of Israel, didn’t see fit to report. If indeed Hamas was proscribed, to meet with proscribed groups and its leaders breaks a few laws in our country – so why the silence?

Now that the crux of not-so-Bright’s argument is shattered, that Hamas is not a proscribed organisation, one can safely ignore all his other diatribe as fodder for the cesspit that is known as Harry’s Place, and lo behold the dwellers of the cesspit were not to be disappointed!

Junaid Ahmed had this to say about this dim-witted and desperate attack on him, “I delivered this speech during the height of the illegal invasion and war against the population of Gaza in 2008/09. Over 1300 innocent people were killed and evidence emerged that illegal ‘white phosphorous’ chemical bombs were being used against civilian populations. Henceforth, I make no apology for being emotional. My faith teaches me to stand up for justice and speak against the death of innocent children, women and men.”

In his recent speech Obama said “No country can be expected to negotiate with a terrorist organization sworn to its destruction”, talking about Hamas. In reply, Abu Zuhri of Hamas said, “The US administration will fail, just as all others have in the past, in forcing Hamas to recognize the occupation”.

Yes, that’s right, occupation, the destruction of their country – Obama must take us for goldfishes if he thinks we do not know our history and how, through the killing of British soliders and citizens, the Zionists created the state of Israel.

In a recent speech, I remarked “the agenda of the Right Wing is to bring about enough pressure on Muslims, so that we start to self-censor our religion and practice only what is acceptable to them.” They need Muslims to abandon the principles of Justice, as mentioned by Junaid Ahmed in his 2009 speech, and forsake the Palestinian people.

How badly did they miscalculate? Not only are Muslims supporting the victims of the illegal and terrorist acts by Israel, (eg – annoucement by Egypt to lift the illegal blockage and open the Rafah crossing permanently), but thousands upon thousands of people are seeing the double standards and hypocrisy of what is happening in Palestine. And importantly, they are getting more and more vocal to highlight these.

These Islamophobes target vocal Muslims deliberately to instil fear in the rest, to ensure that other Muslims are scared of advocating what is right. Who wants to be villified as an extremist or supporter of terrorists?

Allah says; “It is only Satan that suggests to you the fear of his allies.  So do not fear them, rather fear Me, if you are true believers” [Qur'an 3:175]

Finally, a message to those who advise people like Junaid Ahmed and others that they should be a little more ‘diplomatic’ and that they could have done and said this in a way that would’ve avoided this attack – please put a sock in it!

“Do men think that on their [mere] saying, “we have attained to faith”, they will be left to themselves, and will not be put to a test? [Qur'an 29:2]


Correction: The original post stated Martin Bright was the “editor of the paper”, my post accidentally omitted the word “political”. It should have read “Martin Bright the ‘self-confessed Islamophobe’ is the political editor of the paper which published an article…” I apologise for the accidental ommission which inadvertantly promoted Mr Bright.

2 comments to Newspaper that takes ‘pleasure’ in peace activist’s death, teaching virtue!

  • OK

    Jzk. Well said and good to see people saying it like it is and supporting just causes despite external pressure. The muslim community is coming to a stage when it has to decide to either stand up for justice and bear whatever hardships and enmity they are exposed to as a result, or cower away and be silent, only raising their heads only on a couple of PC local issues, just as long as they and their kids can live quietly unbothered. Really, there is no choice in this, and I expect we will see more of these witch-hunt ‘attacks’ on more of us in the future: “they will do you no harm barring a trifling annoyance…” (3:111).

  • you do realise

    … that the security services are bugging you.

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