We are the Resistance II

From the outset of this latest massacre, the Zionist terrorist state of Israel had only one aim, to destroy all semblance of resistance. As the days move on and the number murdered passes the 1,000 mark, we have yet to hear any condemnation from our government.

In fact, the propaganda machine of the terrorist state can claim one victory that it has managed to sway some ‘Muslims’ to drop the call for a condemnation and recognition of the crime being committed against the Gazans. Instead they opted to meet our government ‘half-way’ by now calling for only a ceasefire. I am sure you have seen the petitions and text messages that are lobbying for a ‘ceasefire’.

Allah informs us, “It is only Satan that suggests to you the fear of his allies. So, do not fear them, and fear Me if you are believers” (Qur’an 3:175).

Can it be that we have swallowed the lie, that peace is what the Palestinians want? Far from it, what they want is justice and it is only with justice that peace can be achieved. That is the nature of Man, as created by Allah and as embodied by all races, cultures and religion.

I heard that in the meeting with the Foreign Secretary (Monday 12 Jan 09), Haras Rafiq, Majid Nawaz, Ed Husain were falling over themselves to let David Miliband know that they believed the government has done more than enough and is happy with the government’s efforts so far. In fact they felt that the issue wasn’t what the government had been doing, rather the issue has been one of communication! Yep, that’s right, the government’s failure was that it did not communicate its effort efficiently to the Muslim masses! (Can hear the ring and see the £ signs in their eyes!)

But the most amazing bit of information has to be that the invitation to the meeting excluded Palestinians! I wonder who did the inviting? On Monday, the Foreign Secretary had to deal with this issue at Parliament.

Sir Menzies Campbell asked, “But is not the blunt truth that while we discuss this the Israeli Government persist in disproportionate military action, using F-15s, F-16s, Apache helicopters and tanks at a terrible cost to human life? If any other democratic state were behaving in that way, would we not by now be considering what other economic and diplomatic steps were available to us? Are the Government considering any such steps?

To which the Foreign Secretary responded by saying “We do not believe that economic sanctions on Israel are the way to engage or to influence Israel—[Hon. Members: "Why not?"] We do not believe that the isolation of Israel is the way to achieve influence with it….”

Pray, tell us why it is okay to place economic sanctions on the Palestinians, why it is okay to engage the Palestinians by way of boycotting its democratically elected government? Also, while you’re thinking, do tell us why it is okay not to condemn the massacre? Is it because you do not see this massacre as a crime?

What about the incident when the Israeli’s killed 4 year old Shahd and then set dogs upon her dead body, to be eaten! Will you not condemn this?

Blaming Hamas does not wash anymore, even CNN admits the truce was broken by Israel! Further, you can stop peddling the Zionist lie about Mahmoud Zahar!

Sir Gerald Kaufman said, “…may I ask him [David Milliband] what the international reaction would be if Hamas had slaughtered nearly 900 Israelis and subjected nearly 1.5 million Israelis to degradation and deprivation? Is it not an incontrovertible fact that Olmert, Livni and Barak are mass-murderers and war criminals— [ Interruption. ] Yes. And they bring shame on the Jewish people whose star of David they use as a flag in Gaza, but whose ethos and morals go completely against what this Israeli Government are doing.”

Peter Kilfoyle asked, “… On armaments for Israel, he [David Milliband] said just a moment ago that he would very much like to see the prevention of arms going to terrorist organisations. That is the case for everybody in this House, and on the basis of what we have just heard and what he himself just said, will he undertake to ensure that no arms at all go to Israel at the moment, given that it is guilty in many people’s eyes of state-sponsored terrorism with its activities in the Gaza strip?

You’re going to love the response, “As I said in my statement, I do not think that it is right or appropriate to compare a democratic state with a terrorist organisation or an organisation that uses terrorist means…”

WHAT! Hamas is a democratically elected government. It is also representing a nation that is occupied, dealing with the mess created by our acquiescence to Zionist terrorism in the first place!

And since our Foreign Secretary loves democracy so much, can he tell us what he thinks of the fact that 2 out of 3 main Arab parties have been barred from participating in this ‘beacon’ of Israeli democracy?

Marsha Singh Said, “… The killing goes on. Is it not time for stronger action? Is it not time that we expelled the ambassador of Israel and brought our ambassador back from Israel? Is it not time that we called for international sanctions against Israel?”

Of course, most of the debate tried to blame Hamas and we wouldn’t expect anything less, but at least there are a few non-Muslims (and of Jewish origin) who recognise the injustice and spoke up against it. These few are joined by many thousands that have marched with us the last two weekends.

In these days of great tragedy, we must not lose our heads. First of all we should know that the government is engaging with individuals who have no credibility in the community, apart from the MCB and three others, the rest of the ‘motley crew’ are nothing but self-serving vultures, feeding on the dead flesh of the Palestinians.

Second, Hamas is a true resistance movement that is standing up for the rights of the Palestinians, whereas Fatah and specifically Abu Mazen have capitulated to the colonial mindset. Of course Abu Mazen can prove me wrong by holding a general election and allowing Hamas to participate and then we can all agree on the winner. Third, the lack of any real action by our government and the international community has been consistent throughout the many years of oppressive occupation the Palestinians have had to endure, let’s not fall out of the pram over it now! Fourth, the consequences on the Arab governments that tacitly and actively supported this massacre will come home to roost. Fifth, be wary of those that blame the victims, those who blame Palestinians or Hamas, they are like those sick men or women who blame the woman who had been raped, saying she brought it upon herself.

Let us use the opportunity to better engage ourselves and work with the thousands of British citizens that have had enough of the lies. Let us work to ensure the truth of the Palestinian tragedy is not covered up by the Zionist machinery and its allies!

36 comments to We are the Resistance II

  • antipolitician

    I think that comment like this are sick, and is turning Britain into several nations rather than one united country. If you people don’t like Britain, please feel free to leave and go to a country that echo’s your views.

    I am sick of the whinging and whinning by so called minority groups, and the allowances made via Political Correctness, if I had my way, if you didn’t conform and show allegiance to this country, you would be forced to leave, at your own expense.

  • Greg

    it appears you are well connected to know all this, clearly something you say and do is wrong

  • Guy

    I think what you says smacks of the truth. If people have a problem withit we need to remind them which country they are living in. We have freedom of speach for all. We choose to change the country for the better and recognise that life no matter which religion is worth equal

  • Alicia

    sometimes the truth hurts unfortunately the zionist media has successfully brainwashed us all in to overlooking their evil

  • Greg

    Well said antipolitician

  • Abdullah

    anti…..so if our government is on the wrong we just close our lips and not excersise our democratic rights to criticise?! what planet are you from?

  • NHS Surgeon

    Well said Azad Ali. It is time that supporters of zionist state terrorism are challanged and exposed along with Mir Ja’fers ( Ed Hussain and co.) in the ranks of Muslim community

  • Wahida

    Well said Br Abdullah because I was thinking the same thing.

    @Anti…there are alot of ‘white’ people who do not like what the government have or lack of been doing. They too have been whinging and whinning, where do you suggest they go?

    To have an opinion that differs from you and the government now means we have to leave the country?

  • Sadik

    It is vital for there to be brave individuals in society who stand up for justice and resist oppression, otherwise the people will decay, not just morally. If such resistance is prevented, will this not cause the demise of the nation?

    Sadly there are too many people who don’t question what they hear. We must get our news from several sources; if you compare the BBC and Sky News to Press TV and Al-Jazeera, unless you lack the faculty of critical thinking, you should not fail to see the huge contrast. Then you may realise how bad the situation is.

    It is not healthy for anyone to be OK with babies being shot! Have some love for your fellow humans! Then you may realise the emotion behind this article.

    I don’t see the comments to be divisive but sadly it expresses the way things are. We need more politicians who favour justice and peace over money and fame.

    Thank God that Britain, this country of ours, allows us to express ourselves like this!

  • Abu Daud

    i completely agree with Sadik and Alicia; it seems you guys are fair & open minded people. we re always talking about openness and freedom of speech, so does it really matter what your position might be, just because you work for a government department, does that mean you cannot criticize its position or policy, how many of us are trade union members, how many people do you know sometimes or in many a times, depends what your position might be, actually disagree with our employers, so whats the fuss. If anything Azad is in position to know what is right and what is garbage! well done Azad, you speak for the majority of British citizens, keep up the good work. Our government is simply been hijacked by right wing Zionists who have no other interest but to promote their agenda and anyone who stands in the way or even critiques it, seems will feel the full brunt!!

  • jk

    You fail to mention the accomplices of the zionists who could not commit such atrocities without – namely the rulers of the muslim world, esp. mubarak and asad and the turkish military elite!

  • Voice of Reason

    …. and this is why Islam and every other major religion is pure evil. There will never be peace anywhere whilst people like Azid believe the fictional scribblings of primatives over reason.

    Azid, why not just go and back up your ‘brothers in Islam’ in Palestine if you are so outraged instead of saying here to pick up your cushy civil service pension. Or are you, like so many other mouthy Muslims, merely an armchair activist?

  • Farukh

    ^I’m guessing cause the brothers are doing a find and bandy job themselves. the military might of the zionists state could not achieve its war aims. No need to go anywhere, this chair is mighty comfortable!

  • Sadik

    Ponder upon what you read and consider before you speak … or in this case write!

    Voice of R..son, it appears you do not know Azad, otherwise you would not have asked if he was an armchair activist. I can vouch that he is very active and is fighting a cause for those less fortunate / less able.

    You are entitled to your opinion but have you actually, yourself, studied Islam/the Qur’an and what it stands for rather than what others say whether they be Muslim or not?

    Please use reason and your intellect to decide for yourself about individuals and ideas instead of obtaining information from unsound sources. Forgive me if this is not the case but it is what I deduced from your comment.

  • To the voice (i will not say ‘of reason), your claim is one of the most frequent examples of recycled garbage: “if you dont like it here then leave!”

    I assume you have no qualms with this govenrment then. That you would happily kiss their feet (and more). Please do not let us hear you criticise the government.

    Or should the tories, lib dems, and all others parties and their mass followings that exist in the parliament ‘leave’ this country becuase they disagree with current policies of our country?

    In which case, after having deported the majority of the UK (to God-knows-where)m the only thing left in this tiny island of ours will be a beautiful dictatoriship, of which of course you and all others who spout your ‘unreasonable’ claim will be its puppy, living happily ever after………[sigh]

  • Dr. Hastings

    Voice of Reason> there will never be peace whilst people like you and the zionist lobby exist. Religion gives people a purpose in life, obviously you have no purpose other than to absorb the media and become a product of it.

    And who is Azid, not only have you failed to read the blogs properly you have not even managed to read the authors name properly.

    How would you feel if these were hundreds of British children massacred? Actually dont answer that, because before you have the time to give your answer the British government would have waged war on the country carrying out such an atrocious crime and might I add rightly so.

  • Logic

    Would you have this fredom of speech to attack the Government if you lived in an Islamic state let alone the Gaza Strip? Of course not you internet lobby heroes.

  • Open your mind

    voice of reason, if you are going to refer to someone at least get their name right…it’s Azad

    You fool

  • Open your mind

    Sooo you don’t like Azad Ali’s comments?
    he should leave the country? Where should he go????
    I guess what! I don’t like your commits so you get out. I think we uderstand each other


  • Hussain

    The truth cannot be lit out by any sacking of one person – the likes of the Daily Mail and friends must realise this. The recent war on the people of Gaza has exposed Isreal for what they are and our government’s support for the genocide is clear for all to see. Like Azad Ali and others – using all legal and democrtaic means available, we have to continue our struggle to get the truth heard.

    People speak about freedom of speech when it comes to speak against Islam and Muslims – but where is freedom of speech for Azad Ali?

  • I think, as many other, that your remark is sick and should result in a conviction of high treason.

    Hope you enjoy your future life without a job.
    Maybe you are lucky to be expelled from UK, returning your UK citizenship, when leaving the country.

  • Open your mind

    Pinstripe, it had reached me sometime ago that you are a fool and now I can confirm that you are indeed a fool.

    Where should Azad Ali go? Is’nt this is his country???? People need to understand that Azad Ali has a right to express is opinion even if it causes discomfit to rightwing bigots like you.

    have a nice day :)

  • Newman Oppenheim

    As a citizen, we shouldn’t criticise our Govt’s complicity in GENOCIDE, crimes against humanity, war crimes, illegal wars and occupation of foreign lands – what planet are these people on?

    Wake up people! Forget your ’special interests’ and right wing lobbies – just contemplate as a human being.

    It’s high TREASON as a citizen NOT to hold our Govt to account for these monstrous complicities.

  • Alirubel

    why should Azad Ali not be able to voice his opinions, it seems as though some of you think that we should accept everything the government does just because we live in the country. Everytime Islam is attacked in the media, the country seems to use the term freedom of speach well this is Azad Ali’s freedom of speach. Why is it ok for Islam to be attacked day in day out in the media today but when the government is questioned on their actions disgraceful actions like this is taken. I know Azad Ali, he is very well known person in the community and has done alot for the community anybody who knows Azad Ali muslim or non muslim will say nothing but good things about him. I stand up for what Azad Ali has said and also can i mention, the media as usual have taken his comments way out of context and used this to again attack Islam. I WONDER WHERE ALL THE “WHITE ANTI WAR” WORKERS IE STOP THE WAR COALITION WILL GO IF YOUR SUGGESTING AZAD ALI TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY

  • Naz T

    People speaking against Azad, why we talking crap, hey – ask yourself the Q’s. Yeah, thought so!!! Yes, he has all the right to speak his mind and i say continue Azad! people are just jealous (like some of the above….)

    You are a great indivdual who has given so much back to society – plz carry on – dont listen to these losers! You truly are an inspiration. WE NEED PEOPLE LIKE U!!!!

  • Open your mind

    Do you people honestly think????? speaking against the government is treason???, well then I want to be next in line….right behind you Azad …to start a fresh new treason.

  • I agree with azad Ali, Abdullah, Alicia. in regards to what happend in GAZA i think after using nuclear weapons on innocent civilians by those zionist, and all thier war crimes, we need to unite agaisnt the Zionist,

    Its already started the boycott of israeli companies, leaflets given out everywhere, and people are implementing it, and since its the credit crunch the financial sector is down, we will see those israeli companies brought down to thier knees.

    Azad alihas the right to voice his opionions what happend to freedom of speech?
    all those people who are pro israeli, they have become a successful project of the zionist estate.

  • Nayeem

    Br Azad I agree with u 100 percent and a lot of us are complaining to the media regarding your comments.

  • Abz

    I guess its easy for some to tell us to go back to our country if we speak out against the British government (who help create the illegal terrorist state of Israel). But what if my country was illegally invaded and occupied by British soldiers? Could I still stay here and speak out against the government who was also part of the invasion?

  • Faysal Ahmed

    Since we are living in this ‘democratic’ country….we are all responsible for the actions and in-actions of the government we put into power. Our taxes pay for the millions of pounds worth of weapons given in aid to Israel. We buy products from companies that support Israel and it’s wars….
    We have to question and hold into account these sleazy politicians….the dogs and ‘YES’ men of Israel.

    Any nation with a conscience cannot stay silent over the ongoing seige, detention and massacre of the Palestinian people. That is why the Zionist propaganda machine (the media, politicians etc) are trying so hard to brainwash an entire population and get rid of our conscience.

    Miliband and co. do not believe in taking seroius actions against Israel for their war crimes because they believe ‘it is not in the best way..’!

    BBC do not want to broadcast the Gaza Appeal as they say it will affect their stance on ‘impartiality’! Sky News have also followed suit.

    What was so different when they aired the appeal for Kosovo?
    Is it that before the attrocities had been commited by our ‘enemy’ the Russians,
    while this time round it is our friend Israel?

    Wake up and smell the coffee…!!!! They do not want you to see what Israel has and is doing in Gaza because you will be shocked and disgusted. You might develop a sense of loathing for Israel and ultimately empathise with the Palestinian cause- which is a homeland of their own.

  • newman

    Azad Ali has full right to speak against the govt policy. This right is given by our constitution. If this right been taken by any authority or group then British society will go back to 400 years behind.Our fore fathers have suffer a lot to establish this right to speak. Now some fanatic Zionist want us taken back to old ages where there was no value and rights.Specially the mad like “antipolitician” should read last 500 years British history of democracy and Human rights.

  • @Open your mind

    Azad should leave and go to a country with a majority of people, that share his ideological point of view.
    Azad’s mentallity is niether demokratic, western or civilized.
    Therefor he does not belong in any european or other western country.
    We, the democratic people, do not want totalitarian weirdoes in our countries. They belong in islamic countries.

  • Captain


    Had you been alive in Germany, you would have been a Nazi., or maybe Hitler himslef!

  • Captain

    ^During the time of Hitler of course.

    Coz people like you share the same mindset as the Nazis.

  • OK

    Pinstripe, perhaps you didn’t notice, but your words are 100% ‘totalitarian’. Therefore your own advice would apply to you:

    “We, the democratic people, do not want totalitarian weirdoes in our countries.”

    So goodbye mate.

  • babos

    “Azad should leave and go to a country with a majority of people, that share his ideological point of view.” says pinstripe.

    I say to you my friend, ‘Pinstripe should leave and go to a blog with a majority of people, that share his ideological point of view’.

    good bye.

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