It’s foreign policy stupid!

It is nearly two weeks and nearly 600 people have been killed. Yet our government still does not condemn the Zionist terrorist state of Israel.

The MCB has taken a principled stand that it will meet with the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary to air its views and concerns. Whilst the government machinery works tirelessly to ‘manage’ the Muslim leadership through junior ministerial meetings, the MCB has chosen to ignore this crass management and stood its ground for a meeting at the highest levels. An action that has brought it much credibility and dignity amongst the Muslim masses.

Recently the Prevent strand of the government’s CONTEST strategy had been showcased in a conference attended by key local authority and national leaders. How ironic that the government in one fell swoop managed to now destroy any credibility of this strand by refusing to condemn the killing of over 600 people. The clear message is some lives are worth more than others.

We see the governments own Youth Advisory Group condemn the lack of action by the government by writing to the Prime Minister and stating, “With over 450 innocent Palestinians killed in Gaza at the hands of the Israeli Government, the British Government must see this as an act of ’state terrorism’ and as a form ‘violent extremism’, it must be clearly condemned.”

And also, “Our failure to take clear action also jeopardises our efforts to achieve the objectives of the PREVENT agenda, as we will be seen to be inconsistent and hypocritical in our approach”. We wait to see what the government set up women’s advisory group has to say.

Today we read from the leader of Hamas, their strength and courage and sheer determination to stand up to the Zionist onslaught. Let us to do something to help them by holding our government to account for the lack of transparency. Until we have a clear unequivicol and unconditional condemnation of the Zionist state’s terrorist attacks, they can - talk to the hand, cos the head aint listening!

As I’ve said before, and will say again, it’s foreign policy stupid!

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