The price of Usamah

With the 7th anniversary of the belligerent and mythical ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ attacks on Afghanistan taking place on Tuesday 7th October – America and her allies are still killing innocent Muslims, all under the pretext to capture one man, Usāmah bin Muhammad bin `Awad bin Lādin.

The initial months of the American led terror killed an estimated 3,100 to 3,600 civilians – revenge for the killing of 2,966 on 11 September  2001.

Seven years on, the man they hunt is still free and largely able to go about his business with a small amount of inconvenience, yet the murder of innocent Afghans continues to rise. Only recently the Americans and its allies were accused of killing up to 90 civilians including women and children. Over this last year it is reported that over 4,500 non-combatant civilians have been killed by US raids. Did you hear the hue and cry over these murderous outrages and act of terrorism?

It seems now that even the American installed President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai is seeking negotiations with Mullah Omar, calling him a fellow ‘brother’, a far cry from a few months back when Karzai taunted Mullah Omar by calling him a ‘Pakistani’!

For sure, the Taliban are on the rise as the stated aim of this war is fast becoming untenable. The stated purposeof the invasion which apparently was to capture Usamah bin Laden, destroy Al-Qaeda, and remove the Taliban regime.

As mentioned, Usamah is free and going about his business, whilst the Taliban have been removed from power, they are still pretty much in control of the country nonetheless. And of course we have the myth of Al-Qaeda whose name has become synonymous to the rhetoric of the ‘war on terror’ and ‘preventing extremism’ under which Islamophobia is flourishing and our freedoms diminishing!

I can’t help but recall the words of Mullah Omar a month before this dreadful invasion by the Americans, when he addressed the Loya Jirga (Grand Council of Scholars and Elders of Afghanistan).

“We have said, if you have evidence against Osama, give it to the Afghan Supreme Court or the Ulema (clerics) of three Islamic countries, or have OIC (Organisation of Islamic Countries) observers keep an eye on Osama.

“We appeal to the American government to exercise complete patience, and we want America to gather complete information and find the actual culprits. We assure the whole world that neither Osama nor anyone else can use the Afghan land against anyone else.”

All sensible words one might think and exactly what you would expect from any decent country that has mastered the art of diplomacy in international relations.

Alas, those Neanderthals at the Whitehouse had this to say, “It does not meet America’s requirements. It’s time for action, not words. The president has demanded that key figures of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, including Osama bin Laden, be turned over to responsible authorities and for the Taliban to close terrorist camps in Afghanistan. The United States stands by those demands.”

This utter conceit is behind the deaths of so many innocent lives, not just in Afghanistan but also in Iraq – remember the Weapons of Mass Destruction?

So what now? Can a truce be negotiated with Mullah Omar? If so, what should the terms be?  How does this sit with the haughtiness and ‘holier than thou’ attitude of the warmongers? Whatever will we do with our millions that we set aside to ‘prevent extremism’? And have we achieved ‘enduring freedom’ or enduring torture, killing and restriction?

If you think I’m cynical – you need only to sit with people from various parts of the country who are at a loss and cannot fathom why Muslims and more specifically Islam is being attacked so extremely.

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